Çankırı’nın Endemik Tıbbi Bitkileri

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  • Emel İNAN
  • Gökhan İPEK
  • Arif İPEK


Medicinal Plants, Endemic, Gypseous, Local


Medicinal and aromatic plants are gaining high importance both in Turkey and the world these days. Turkey, is the center of many
plant taxons, including some endemic species. Today, over 12054 plant species are found in the flora of Turkey of which more than 3000
are endemic. About 1000 plant species among these plants are popularly used for medicinal purposes. Approximately 350 plant species are
used in internal and external trade. Many medicinal plants grow naturally in our country. Out of its own unique characteristics Çankırı
gypsiferous soil structure has made it possible to grow a rare endemic plants in the Çankırı. In the Çankırı province, the number of
endemic plants is much higher compared to the most of the European countries, which clearly reveal the importance of local endemic
species. Out of 360 taxons found in the Çankırı province 121 are endemic and include Tanacetum germanicopolitanum (ET
BORNM.Heimerle) Grierson, Gypsophila germanicopolitana HUB.-MOR., Gypsophila simonii HUB.-MOR., Helianthemum
germanicopolitanum born., Astragalus barbara born., Onobrychis germanicopolitana HUB.-MOR. SIMON ET, which are perennial
endemic medicinal plant species found only in the province of Çankırı.




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