Karkamış Sulak Alanının (Gaziantep-Türkiye) Biyolojik Çeşitliliği

  • Ergün ÖZUSLU
  • Ahmet Zafer TEL
Keywords: Wetland, Biodiversity, Karkamış, Gaziantep, Turkey


Karkamış wetland is one of our countires wetland rich in wildlife with appropriate climate conditions, resourceful nutrients
and diverse ecological characters. This study was carried out between the years 2005-2008. In the region, mainly seeded plants,
live samples were collected and the results obtained were combined with others in order to reveal the biological richness of the
area. According to the data, 813 plant, 46 reptile, 13 fish, 6 butterfly, 57 spider, 11 mammal and 110 bird taxons were observed
up to now. By this study, biological composition, ecological characters identified in the region and their changes with time will
be followed; therefore, it will allow to take required precautions in time. For example, the water level in the upstream of the dam
lake is increased due to water accumulation, and many habitats were submerged; trees and the incubation areas of birds and other
animals were destroyed. By using the data of this study, it will be possible to develop and apply effective follow-up programs
and action plans for restoration and rehabilitation of biological composition and ecological characters of wetlands damaged due
to varies causes.