Klinik Sitogenetik Laboratuvarında Kan Kültüründen Yeterli Sayıda ve Yüksek Çözünürlükte Metafaz Alanı Elde Etmek için Dikkat Edilmesi Gereken Noktalar

  • Serdar YÜKSEL
  • Özgür EROĞLU
Keywords: Clinical cytogenetics, Karyotype, Cell culture, Chromosome staining


Clinical cytogenetics, production of human bone marrow cells, fibroblast cells and lymphocyte cells in vitro, preparation of microscope
preparations and stopping in the metaphase stage this cells, staining of these preparations, obtaining of chromosomal bands and quantitative and
structural evaluation of human chromosomes can be summarized. Clinical cytogenetic studies involve processes that are sensitive, sometimes
even influenced by climate and regional conditions, which are simply summarized by a simple cell culture study following a simple cell culture
study, but in fact require laborious, patient, expert and experienced laboratory personnel. Therefore, it is difficult to obtain sufficient and high
quality metaphase area in cytogenetics. For this reason, we mentioned in this study what to do in order to obtain metaphase field in cytogenetics
in sufficient number, quality and high band resolution. The most effective methods and the points to be noted in these steps were determined
by comparing the staining procedures of cord blood, peripheral blood cell culture with cell culture stages. If the sample is studied in clinical
cytogenetics, the most critical stage of the study is the cell culture stage. Addition of methanol-acetic acid is particularly important for the
sampling of the sample, the state of the sample, the stage of sowing, the growth and infection in the post-sowing incubator, the prevention of
precipitation in the incubator in the blood culture.