Türkiye’de Din Sosyolojisi: Tarihsel Arkaplan ve Yeni Gelişmeler

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Sociology of Religion, Methodology, Divinity Faculties, Turkey


The Sociology of Religion in Turkey has begun in parallel with the translation of primary works of sociology of religion and the books and articles composed by Prince Sabahaddin, Ziya Gökalp,Mehmet İzzet, Salahaddin Asım, Necmeddin Sadak and Hilmi Ziya Ülken. The trend of Sociology of religion up to the midst of the 20th century was the composed and translated articles and short chapters assigned to the religion within the several works of sociology of religion. With the foundation of chair sociology of religion in Ankara University the Faculty of Divinity, in parallel to the sociology of religion whose process of insitutionalization has recently the works composed in accordance with the understanding of sociology of religion and scientific methodological bases begun to be composed.
The academic researches in the nearly 20 chairs of sociology of religion in the faculties of divinity.The Turkish Sociology of Religion whose process of institutionalization as a scientific dsicipline has begun in Turkey in recent years continues his academic developments with the increasing scientific works. Today, sociolgists of religion take some steps to develop the intercollegues communication between collegues with such activities as web sites, journals, annual meetings of coordination.




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