Bioremediation of Dyes in Textile Wastewater

  • Ülküye Dudu Gül
Keywords: Bioremediation, Decolorization, Textile wastewater


Development of industrial activities provides economical benefits but increasing industrial activities also create problems with the removal of
wastes. Particularly untreated wastewater of textile industries creates an important environmental problem due to dyes content. High amounts of
dyes are toxic for living organisms. There are some physico-chemical methods for removal of dyes but these methods are expensive. Biological
treatment methods are relatively cheaper. Bioremediation technologies involve neutralization or removal of pollutants by using organisms. The
aim of this study is to review the relevant data about bioremediation of dyes from literature. Some information about decolorization of dyes
by microorganisms as bacteria, fungi and algae is given in this paper. Microbial remediation technologies are both inexpensive and efficient
technologies for removal of textile dyes.