Bitkilerde Markör Destekli Seleksiyon

  • Tuğba Eserkaya Güleç
  • Ahmet Yıldırım
  • Özlem Ateş Sönmezoğlu
Keywords: Molecular Marker, QTL, Cereals, Marker Assisted Selection


It is necessary to increase the production of basic foods in order to compensate the needs of population. The best way of increasing production is plant improvement. However, because of narrowed genetic variation, necessary variation is obtained from registered cultivars, local varieties (or land races) and wild relatives. Proper genes must be transferred through modern techniques because a lot of problems are encountered in classical breeding methods. Marker assisted selection (MAS) is relatively new approach to solve problems of classical breeding methods. Molecular markers are preferred more due to advantages over other techniques. These markers are the ones which measure the differences in DNA level and are used to follow the interested gene or characteristics in investigated genotypes. MAS can be used in gene transfers from wild relatives, redirecting on selection of mutant alleles, early selection, gene isolation and cloning. This technique is highly fast, effective, trustable and economic. That is why it is a helpful selection technique for classical breeding.