Molecular Analysis of GMOs Using Real-Time PCR and Importance of These Analyses for Turkish Biosafety Regulations

  • Özer ÇALIŞ
Keywords: Genetically modified organisms, GMO analyses, real-time PCR.


Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have become important recently as a result of growing number of genetically modified products in the world. Turkey is not a GMOs producer country but there is a big risk that significant amount of products which could either be or may contain GMOs could be imported from other countries. Therefore, Turkey has been establishing Turkish biosafety legislations and regulations to handle GMOs and their products. However, there is a general lack of knowledge in the public on GMOs and GMO products and there are a few laboratories which have been authorised for analyzing GMOs. This review aims to explain how to analyse GMOs or products containing GMOs and to give some information on European Commission’s implementation of the legislation on GMO products.