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  • Nil Türkölmez
  • Gül Çiçek Kılıç
  • Nida Arslan
  • Emine Ayaz Tilkat
  • Engin Tilkat
  • Yelda Özden Çiftçi


Cannabis, secondary metabolite, metabolic engineering, gene editing, biotechnology


Cannabis is probably the best known species for the production of alkaloids of medical importance. Recent biotechnological approaches lead to the utilization of biotechnological methods, including metabolic engineering and synthetic biology to increase the productivity of cannabis secondary metabolites with medical importance and economic value. Hence, this review article presents the biosynthetic pathway of cannabinoid biosynthesis to underline the important genes that could be used for enhancement of cannabinoid production together with a summary of studies of biotechnological technologies including in vitro culture, polyploidy induction, gene transformation, gene editing, metabolic engineering, and synthetic biology used in cannabis.


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