Deney Hayvanlarında Anksiyete Çalışmaları

  • Aynur KOÇ
Keywords: Anxiety models, experimental animal, behavioral tests


Anxiety and fear are emotional states that arise from the defensive behavior of the organism in dangerous situations. Anxiety and stress related disorders are psychiatric conditions that seriously affect daily activities. Observation of the similarities in the expression of emotions between human and animals has led to the possibility that psychiatric disorders can be studied in mammals (mainly rodents). Animal models for psychopathology are valuable tools in the analysis of genetic, environmental or pharmacological causes that constitute homologues of disease symptoms. Animal models are useful when stress effects cannot be studied in humans for ethics and other similar reasons. Anxiety models are very beneficial for the discovery of new agents and the mechanisms underlying anxiety disorders. When planning the study, it is important to determine which model and tests are suitable for the purpose of the study, to choose the appropriate animals, to know about the validity and reliability of the model. In this review, it is aimed to investigate the experimental anxiety models and behavioral tests used in the evaluation of anxiety. Since mice and rats mostly used in anxiety studies, model and behavioral tests are also described here with this animals.