Dünya Süs Balıkları Ticaretine Küresel Bir Bakış

  • Mustafa Erkan ÖZGÜR
  • Salahattin GÜRÇAY
  • Hakan AKGÜN
  • İsmail BAYIR
Keywords: Ornamental fishes, global trade in the World.


The vast majority of ornamental fishes in the aquarium trade is of freshwater origin and farm-raised. In the United States ornamental
fishes ar farmed principally in Florida. Other countries traditionally specializing in breeding and propagation of freswater ornamental fishes
are Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, China (including Hong Kong), Malaysia, and Japan. More recently the culture of ornamental fish has
shifted to regions near consumer centers. For example for the European market, many aquarium fish are now cultivated in countries such as
the Czech Republic, Spain, Israel, Belgium, and Holland. Producing fish close to consumer centers is becoming more profitable because
transport costs are greatly reduced.This review was carried out to analysis of current stuation to global trade of The World ornamental fishes.