Ulaşım Perspektifinden Sosyal Dışlanma Kavramının Değerlendirilmesi

  • Seher ÖZKAZANÇ
  • Fahriye Nihan ÖZDEMİR SÖNMEZ
Keywords: Social exclusion, social inequality, transport disadvantage, transport deprivation.


Today, social exclusion does not indicate the poverty alone, but is also related to the social welfare and quality of life in urban areas.Although there is no widely accepted consensus on what social exclusion is, it can be argued that the concept, at least, should refer to the disintegration of individuals or groups into the society as a whole, in economic, political or social terms.In the context of social rights, social exclusion can be regarded as a set of new social policy instruments including health, education,shelter/housing, transportation etc. This wide variety of associated subjects makes the concept “social exclusion” very popular in academic research. However, in the context of urban transportation, which is crucial in access to the urban facilities and services, very little has been done
or even it is totally ignored. In this context, this study intents to give an idea about the role of the accessibility of urban services and the facilities in social mobility and in the level of social exclusion.