Yeni Nesil DNA Dizileme Teknolojileri ve Bitkilerde Kullanımı

  • Dicle DÖNMEZ
  • Özhan ŞİMŞEK
  • Yıldız AKA KAÇAR
Keywords: DNA sequencing, genomics, next-generation sequencing, plant


High-throughput next generation DNA sequencing analysis has high potential in basic biological studies and genetic researches,
therefore it emerges as one of the most important technologies used today. These technologies divide into three groups based on the
sequencing method, sequencing by ligation, sequencing by synthesis and single molecule sequencing. The next-generation sequencing
technologies offer novel and rapid ways for genome-wide characterization and profiling of mRNAs, small RNAs, transcription factor
regions, structure of chromatin and DNA methylation patterns, microbiology and metagenomics. In this review the next generation DNA
sequencing methods with their advantages and disadvantages, usage of these methods in the plant species were discussed.