Kentsel Alanlarda Biyolojik Çeşitliliğin Sürdürülebilirliği ve Koruma Yaklaşımları

  • Ceren SELİM
  • Songül SEVER MUTLU
  • Serdar SELİM
Keywords: Ecological system, Biodiversity, Sustainability, Green infrastructure.


Nowadays phsical planning applications for increasing urban life quality put pressure on naturel sources in urban areas. Harmonious and balanced relationship should be developed with ecosystems which human live for to ensure sustainability of the natural and cultural processes. Health of urban ecosystems and biological diversity can be provided by harmonious development of natural, cultural and social environment. Therefore, studies on biological assets is particularly important in urban areas.In this study, opportunities for supporting biodiversity in urban areas have discussed and recommendations have developed to provide a balance to conservation and land use.Consequently, species basic conservation approaches should be applied for rare and endemic species to ensure the sustainability of biodiversity in urban areas. Ecologically-oriented approaches should be developed in the determination of urban land use. Green infrastructure systems should be built.