Yonca (Medicago sativa L.)’ da Kış Dormansisi Ve Ölçüm Metodu

  • Uğur ÖZKAN
  • Cafer Sırrı SEVİMAY
  • Nurdan Şahin DEMİRBAĞ
Keywords: Alfalfa, fall dormancy, cutting time, choosing suitable types


Alfalfa is the most grown feed crop in the world and in our country. It’s an important legume feed crop which is long lived and has an
ability of adaptation. In comparison with other feed crops, it has high feed value and high amount of protein. These features clarify the
importance of this plant. Choosing the suitable type for the ecology of region; takes an important place for these features. “Fall dormancy”
also plays a major role in the selection of variety. The article involves the practicability and the significance of “fall dormancy” in the
suitable choosing of types.