The Importance of Bicycles for Transportation and Bicycle Path Recommendations for Erzurum Technical University Campus

  • Muhammed Yasin ÇODUR
  • Züleyha BİNGÜL
Keywords: Use of bicycles, urban transportation, transportation types, environmental problems, environmental protection


The use of motor vehicles in our country continues to increase every day with the increase in the number of vehicles and expansion of town
council boundaries. As the area of towns expands, the use of environmentally friendly transportation forms powered by human strength, such
as walking and cycling, is observed to continuously reduce. Instead of using hybrid and electric cars, bicycles or walking for transport, motor
vehicles powered by fossil fuel are used which negatively affect the physical environment, social and cultural communication of society and
human health. Towns that have attempted to solve transportation problems with passenger vehicle projects with low levels of occupancy have
reduced the use of public transport and increased duration of travel, and environmental and societal costs. Globally in the area of urban transport
the use of renewable or clean energy sources with lower energy consumption, supporting environmentally sensitive transportation modes and
improving transportation possibilities on foot or bicycle are among topics given increasing importance in recent times. In our country it
was announced that to increase the use of bicycles the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning will support, including by budgetary
means, appropriate projects prepared to create bicycle paths. This study aimed to provide both individual and societal benefits by reducing the
environmental problems caused by traffic and easing transportation in areas with intense use by people by appropriate transportation planning
for possible locations and assessing routes for a bicycle path project within Erzurum Technical University Campus.